I grew up as a huge fan of film scores and film composers, and was fascinated by the way music can enhance a picture. When I decided to study Music Composition for Film I fell in love with the creative process and never looked back!  I've written music for a range of genres from Drama and Thrillers to Comedy.  I love to explore musical themes, instrumentation, moods and hit points to convey characters, story, and a sense of time or place.


Please see below for some of my previous work and Contact Me to talk more.


Sweatbox - 2021


Drama. Three women sit in a prison van outside HMP Bronzefield, each caught up in their own worlds as they anticipate what’s next. Sweatbox offers a glimpse into the experience of women as they are pulled away from their lives and transported to prison.

Termination of Services Rendered - 2019


Spy Thriller. Felicity is a retired Government Operative, living out her days in quiet solitude, when suddenly a knock at the door harbors the news that her estranged son is dead. A game of cat and mouse sparks as Felicity must discern the truth from the lies.


Adam's Apple - 2019


Drama. Adam has returned to the Stand-Up Scene after a brief hiatus following a personal tragedy. However, the much anticipated return of his classic chauvinistic set takes a strange downward turn as a routine joke forces Adam to deal with the loss of his daughter, live on stage.  A commentary on masculinity and grief. 


Damaged But Interesting - 2019


Comedy Drama. Art Jensen, struggling writer, is having an existential crisis, and it's only Monday; he does not know if he is Dickens or a dickhead. He wants his play produced in the West End but he can't get a break so he spends his days on the sofa watching daytime TV. That is, until his long-suffering girlfriend, Sally, turns up asking awkward questions he can't answer, like 'When are you going to grow up and get a real job?'


The Deal - 2019


Comedy. Tired of living sheltered 9-5 lives, Fran, Lou and Derek are looking to get high. However, when their plan comes together without a hitch, in their adrenaline-starved state they hatch a plan to swindle the dealer of his drugs and money.


Echoes - 2018

Short Film.  An Animation by Ben Bradbury for Contact The Elderly

The Point Of No Return - 2020

Working with composer Benjamin Symons I created Additional Music for this Feature Film

1945 (Trailer) - 2017

My track "At The Wheel" was used in the trailer for this Feature Film

Disney: The Little Mermaid

I was commissioned by House PR to arrange a selection of songs from Disney's "The Little Mermaid", for performance by the South London Youth Orchestra. The film was screened at the Elgar Room, Royal Albert Hall.  The event was to publicise the Blu-Ray release of the film and was attended by celebrities and their children. My main purpose was to arrange the score in Sibelius so they were more suitable for a youth chamber orchestra to perform.

Disney Blu Ray launch

The Christmas Cure

My track "Christmas Joy" was used in the Hallmark Channel's promo for film: "The Christmas Cure" (from 9 seconds)

The Bird - 2014

Short film - Drama, Black Comedy.  A young man desperate for his mother's attention goes to extraordinary lengths to win her approval.

Original Score - Claire Batchelor

Dir. Joe Parham & Ben Target