Claire Batchelor 2020


Over the years I've scored many short films, and I love underpinning drama with music. I've also had my music used in various Film trailers and TV promos.


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An Animation by Ben Bradbury for Contact The Elderly


Short film - Psychological thriller. A troubled man struggling to express his anger, finds himself losing sense of reality. 

Original Score – Claire Batchelor. sound design with piano and string elements, electric guitar.

Dir. Kushal Gupta

1945 (Trailer)

My track "At The Wheel" was used in the trailer for this Feature Film

Disney: The Little Mermaid

I was commissioned by House PR to arrange a selection of songs from Disney's "The Little Mermaid", for performance by the South London Youth Orchestra to the film screened at the Elgar Room, Royal Albert Hall.  The event was to publicise the Blu-Ray release of the film and was attended by celebrities and their children. My main purpose was to arrange the score in Sibelius so they were more suitable for a youth chamber orchestra to perform.

The Christmas Cure

My track "Christmas Joy" was used in the Hallmark Channel's promo for film: "The Christmas Cure" (from 9 seconds)

Film & Promo Jukebox

The Bird

Short film - Drama, Black Comedy.  A young man desperate for his mother's attention goes to extraordinary lengths to win her approval.

Original Score - Claire Batchelor

Dir. Joe Parham & Ben Target